Troubleshooting Jira

What fields are supported when creating tickets or requesting access?

Atlan currently only supports standard fields such as project, issue type, title, and description.

Can I configure additional fields or auto-assign owners to Jira tickets created from Atlan?

Atlan's Jira Cloud and Jira Data Center integrations currently do not support assigning owners by default or configuring additional fields while creating an issue. However, you can assign an owner or add any basic or required fields within Jira once the ticket has been created from Atlan.

Can site renaming affect the Jira integration?

Atlan currently stores and uses the organization URL to help you access your Jira workspace from Atlan, if required. Since Jira automatically redirects the old URL to the new one, site renaming will not impact the Jira integration.

Does Atlan support multiple Jira accounts and boards?

While Atlan's Jira integration supports multiple Jira projects, it currently does not support multiple Jira accounts.

How long are Jira tickets valid in Atlan?

Jira issues will remain in Atlan unless they are unlinked. To unlink a Jira issue, you can either:

  • Manually unlink the Jira issue from the asset in Atlan.
  • Delete the issue in Jira.

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