How to add stakeholders

🤓 Who can do this? Before you can create a stakeholder, you will need your Atlan admin to enable the products module in your Atlan workspace. Once enabled, first review the order of operations. You will need to have update permissions through domain policies for the specific domain(s) or subdomain(s) to create and manage stakeholders.

Stakeholders help you define the people and their responsibilities within a data domain in Atlan. You can map stakeholders to all or selected domains with responsibilities that align with their function within those domains. This can also help you ensure accountability among stakeholders and improve collaboration between your teams.

For example, for the data domain Customer Service, you may want to define a Customer Service Manager stakeholder and assign it to the people who serve that function. This way, your customer support team will know whom to contact for questions or escalate any issues.

Once you have created stakeholders or want to use the default options from Atlan:

  • You can add stakeholder information for any and all domains. This will help you provide additional metadata for your domain, but does not help enforce access control currently. For the latter, you will need to create domain policies.
  • You can assign any user as a stakeholder within a specific domain.
  • Each user can be mapped to only one responsibility within a domain. However, users can have multiple stakeholder responsibilities across multiple domains.

Create a stakeholder

Atlan provides you with predefined stakeholders for your data domains. You can either use the default options and assign them to your users or create new definitions for stakeholders based on your business needs.

To create a stakeholder:

  1. From the left menu of any screen in Atlan, click Governance.
  2. Under the Governance heading of the Governance center, click Products.
  3. Under Domain stakeholders, you can view the default stakeholders — domain owner, data engineer, data product owner, and data architect.
    • To the right of each responsibility, click the right-facing arrow to view the domains it applies to and users assigned to that responsibility. You can neither delete nor make any changes to the default options.
  4. To create a new stakeholder, click the Add button.
  5. In the Add responsibility dialog, enter the following:
    1. For Name, enter a meaningful name for your stakeholder. Atlan recommends following a naming convention for responsibilities across your domains to help users find stakeholders more easily.
    2. For Applies to, click the dropdown to select domains that this responsibility should apply to:
      • To select All domains, you must have update permissions on all data domains in Atlan.
      • To select any one specific domain or multiple domains, you must have update permissions for the specific data domain(s).

Add a stakeholder

You can add stakeholders directly from the domain or subdomain profile.

To add a stakeholder to your data domain or subdomain:

  1. From the left menu of any screen in Atlan, click Products.
  2. To select a domain or subdomain, you can either:
    • From the navigation menu on the Products homepage, use the search bar or select the relevant domain or subdomain.
    • From the top right of Discover domains, select your data domain of interest. If you cannot find your data domain, click the View all button to view more domains.
  3. From the domain or subdomain profile, under Stakeholders, click + Add stakeholder.
  4. In the right Stakeholders pane, click + Stakeholders.
  5. In the Add Stakeholders dialog, configure the following:
    1. For Users or groups, select the users or groups that the stakeholder responsibility should apply to.
    2. Click the stakeholder dropdown to select a default stakeholder, a custom one you created, or click Create new to create a new one.
    3. Click Add to add the stakeholder to the domain or subdomain.

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