What does Atlan crawl from Qlik Sense?

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Atlan crawls and maps the following assets and properties from Qlik Sense.


Atlan maps spaces from Qlik Sense to its QlikSpace asset type.

Source property Atlan property
type qlikSpaceType
ownerId qlikOwnerId
id qlikId
createdAt sourceCreatedAt
updatedAt sourceUpdatedAt


Atlan maps apps from Qlik Sense to its QlikApp asset type.

Source property Atlan property
attributes.name name
attributes.description description
attributes.resourceId qlikId
static_byte_size qlikAppStaticByteSize
attributes.spaceId qlikSpaceId
attributes.resourceCreatedAt sourceCreatedAt
attributes.resourceUpdatedAt sourceUpdatedAt
attributes.ownerId qlikOwnerId
attributes.resourceAttributes.originAppId qlikOriginAppId
attributes.resourceAttributes.hasSectionAccess qlikHasSectionAccess
attributes.resourceAttributes.directQueryMode qlikIsDirectQueryMode
attributes.resourceAttributes.published qlikIsPublished


Atlan maps sheets from Qlik Sense to its QlikSheet asset type.

Source property Atlan property
qProperty.qMetaDef.title name
qProperty.qMetaDef.description description
qProperty.qInfo.qId qlikId
spaceId qlikSpaceId
appId qlikAppId
approved qlikIsApproved
published qlikIsPublished


Atlan maps charts from Qlik Sense to its QlikChart asset type.

Source property Atlan property
qProperty.qInfo.qId qlikId
qProperty.subtitle qlikChartSubtitle
qProperty.footnote qlikChartFootnote
qProperty.qInfo.qType qlikChartType
qProperty.options.dimensionsOrientation qlikChartOrientation


Atlan maps datasets from Qlik Sense to its QlikDataset asset type.

Source property Atlan property
id qlikId
resourceAttributes.technicalName qlikDatasetTechnicalName
resourceAttributes.dataStoreType qlikDatasetType
resourceAttributes.uri qlikDatasetUri
resourceAttributes.secureQri qlikQRI
resourceSubType qlikDatasetSubtype
ownerId qlikOwnerId
resourceCreatedAt sourceCreatedAt
resourceUpdatedAt sourceUpdatedAt
spaceId qlikSpaceId

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