Troubleshooting Atlan browser extension

Can I add the browser extension for everyone in my organization?

Yes! To install the Atlan browser extension at the workspace level, follow the instructions in this guide. You will need to be an administrator or have access to the admin console of your organization's Google account for this setup. Once installed, users in your organization can start using Atlan's Chrome extension.

If your organization uses managed browsers, refer to How to configure a managed browser extension.

Why is the extension not loading?

If a blank page appears while loading the Atlan browser extension or the page is continuously loading, update your browser's security settings to Block third party cookies in Incognito.

As long as you have access to the data you are trying to view within Atlan, you should be able to use the browser extension.

Why do I get an error message when I click on the extension in Brave?

Users of the Brave browser may receive an error message showing that the content is blocked when they click on the Atlan browser extension. In that case, turning off the Brave Shields feature can help you access the content.

Why can't I see the Atlan logo in my data tool?

If your data tool is hosted on a custom domain and you're not seeing the Atlan logo on the bottom right of your BI tool, such as Tableau, you'll need to map your data tool's custom URL in the extension.

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