Troubleshooting Tableau connectivity

Is lineage available for Tableau custom SQL data sources?

Yes, Atlan can parse custom SQL queries in Tableau to generate lineage between the data source and tables. Lineage is available for tables from all SQL sources. However, column-level lineage is currently not supported.

Why is upstream lineage missing for Tableau data sources?

If your Tableau data source is in a paused state, the Tableau Metadata API may fail to provide the requisite metadata on source databases and tables for Atlan to generate upstream lineage. Restart your Tableau data source and ensure that it remains active while crawling Tableau. This will allow Atlan to fetch the requisite metadata to generate upstream lineage for data sources.

Can users who do not have access to a dashboard still see the preview?

Users can only see asset previews if the following conditions are met:

  • They have the necessary permissions in both Tableau and Atlan.
  • They are logged into Atlan and Tableau on the same browser.

Therefore, if a user lacks the permission to view a dashboard in Tableau, they will not be able to view the dashboard preview in Atlan. Even if they do have the necessary permissions, they will need to be logged into Tableau on the same browser as their Atlan instance for asset previews to work.

Why can I not see previews for my Tableau assets?

  • Your Tableau assets will be updated with previews during the next run of your Tableau workflow. If you have run the workflow and still do not see the previews, we suggest you rerun the workflow. Once you've rerun the workflow, the previews should be visible to all eligible users.
  • If you're using Tableau Server with clickjack protection enabled and your Tableau instance URL is of a different origin than the Atlan instance URL, the asset previews will not load due to a same-origin error from the browser. You will need to disable clickjack protection to allow the Tableau asset previews to load.

Is the certified status in Tableau mapped to the certificates field in Atlan?

Yes, the isCertified status for published data sources in Tableau is mapped to the certificates field in Atlan.

Is the owner field in Tableau mapped to the owners field in Atlan?

No, the asset owner in Tableau is displayed as the source owner in the Overview section of the asset sidebar in Atlan. This is also only available for Tableau projects, flows, workbooks, and data sources.

Tableau has retired metrics methods in API 3.22, hence source owner attribute for metrics is not supported in Atlan.

Why am I getting a "still creating the Metadata API store" error?

Error message: Still creating the Metadata API Store. Results from the query might be incomplete at this time. BACKFILL-RUNNING

If your Tableau workflow is failing with the above error message, this is because the Tableau Metadata API is being re-indexed after a quarterly release. The re-indexing of the Metadata API after quarterly releases can take up to a week, depending on the size of your instance.

Since Atlan uses the Tableau Metadata API to fetch metadata, your Tableau workflows in Atlan may fail if the re-indexing has not been completed. You can check the backfill status of the Tableau Metadata API Store following this guide.

Learn more about common errors in your Metadata API query.

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