What is included in the Microsoft Teams integration?

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With two of your most important workspaces connected, you can save time and improve the way you share data assets with your team.

Once you've integrated Microsoft Teams with Atlan, you can do all of the following β€” all without leaving Atlan!

  • Share data assets on Microsoft Teams
  • Link important Microsoft Teams threads to Atlan assets

When users share assets on Microsoft Teams β€” including asset links, glossaries, and saved queries β€” Atlan will provide an embedded preview and context for the asset directly in Microsoft Teams.

Share assets without leaving Atlan


To share assets on Microsoft Teams, without leaving Atlan:

  1. From any asset in Atlan, in the asset sidebar, click the Share on Teams icon.
  2. In the Share on Teams dialog:
    1. For Channel, choose the Microsoft Teams channel where you want to post.
    2. For Message, enter the message you want to share for the asset on the channel.
    3. (Optional) For Add as a resource, toggle the slider on to add the message as a resource to your asset. When you add the message as a resource, anyone viewing the asset in Atlan will be able to see previous discussions in Microsoft Teams about that asset.
  3. Click Share to post on Microsoft Teams.

Your message is now on Microsoft Teams and linked to the asset for future reference! πŸŽ‰

Add existing Microsoft Teams discussions to assets

If you've ever discussed a data asset in Microsoft Teams, it could be helpful to bring that context back to your asset.


To add existing discussions from Microsoft Teams, within Atlan:

  1. From the asset, on the right of the screen, click the Teams sidebar icon:
    • If there are existing discussions on the asset, to the right of Teams conversations, click the Add link.
    • If there are no existing discussions on the asset, click the + Add Teams thread button.
  2. In the Add Teams thread dialog, under the Link heading, paste the link to the Microsoft Teams thread.
  3. Under the Title heading, write a brief description of the thread.
  4. At the bottom of the dialog, click the Add button.

Your existing discussion on Microsoft Teams is now linked to the asset for future reference! πŸŽ‰

Expand any asset link in Microsoft Teams

If you share an asset link in Microsoft Teams, Atlan's bot will expand that link directly in the Microsoft Teams channel and provide an embedded preview of the asset.


To provide detail for an asset in Microsoft Teams:

  1. Paste an asset link into Microsoft Teams, along with any other context in your message.
  2. The Atlan bot will expand the link with a card of contextual metadata.
  3. (Optional) Click View in Atlan to open the asset link in Atlan.

The channel can now understand basic information about the asset without leaving Microsoft Teams! πŸŽ‰

View workflow alerts in Microsoft Teams

You can configure the Microsoft Teams integration to receive alerts for workflow activities from Atlan. This can help you monitor your workflows directly in Microsoft Teams. You can also choose to receive failure alerts only.

To view workflow alerts in Microsoft Teams:

  1. Open the Microsoft Teams channel you configured to view workflow notifications.
  2. The Atlan bot will share workflow alerts β€” including details like run status, start time, run time, trigger type, and last three runs.
  3. (Optional) Click View in Atlan to open the workflow link in Atlan.

You can now inspect crawled assets or troubleshoot in case of any failed workflows.

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