Troubleshooting Sigma connectivity

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Why is the SQL query only visible for Sigma data elements and not Sigma datasets?

Atlan gets the SQL query only for Sigma data elements. SQL queries for Sigma datasets are currently not available from the Sigma APIs.

Why can't I see all the columns for Sigma datasets?

Currently, it is not possible to get metadata for all columns in a Sigma dataset. Column metadata is only available when used by a Sigma data element field.

Can users who do not have access to a workbook still see the preview?

Users can only see asset previews if the following conditions are met:

  • They have the necessary permissions in both Sigma and Atlan.
  • They are logged into Atlan and Sigma on the same browser.

Therefore, if a user lacks the permission to view a workbook in Sigma, they will not be able to see the workbook preview in Atlan. Even if they do have the necessary permissions, they will need to be logged into Sigma on the same browser as their Atlan instance for asset previews to work.

Why can I not see previews for my Sigma assets?

Your Sigma assets will be updated with previews during the next run of your Sigma workflow. If you have run the workflow and still do not see the previews, we suggest you rerun the workflow. Once you've rerun the workflow, the previews should be visible to all eligible users.

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