What is an activity log?

The activity log in the asset sidebar provides a changelog for your data assets. Having a record of all the changes made to an asset can help build trust in your data assets and promote transparency across your organization.

View the activity log of an asset


To view the activity log of an asset:

  1. From the left menu of any screen in Atlan, click Assets.
  2. Click on an asset to view its asset profile.
  3. From the asset sidebar to the right, click the Activity tab to view the activity log.
  4. If an asset was updated from Google Sheets or Microsoft Excel, an Updated using Google Sheets or Updated using Microsoft Excel stamp will appear, respectively. (Optional) Click the Google Sheets or Microsoft Excel link to view the source spreadsheet.
  5. (Optional) To filter the activity log by a specific type of activity, under Activity, click the dropdown arrow and then:
    • Click Alias to view alias activity by user and timestamp of update.
    • Click Description to view any changes in the description of an asset.
    • Click Starred to view starred activity by user and timestamp.
    • Click Announcement to view any changes to the announcement on an asset.
    • Click Terms to view any updates on linked terms.
    • Click Certificate to view any changes in the certification status of an asset.
    • Click Owners to view any changes to the ownership of an asset.
    • Click Tag Added or Tag Removed to view any changes for tags directly added to an asset.
    • Click Tag Added (Propagation) or Tag Removed (Propagation) to view any changes for tags propagated to an asset.
    • Click Column Added, Column Deleted, or Column Updated to view column changes.
    • Click Readme Added or Readme Updated to view when a README was created for an asset and which user created or updated it.
  6. (Optional) Click the Filter by column menu to filter your activity logs by specific columns.

You can now view all the changes that were made to an asset in the activity log! 🎉

💪 Did you know? Activity logs for metadata changes are persisted throughout the lifecycle of the Atlan instance for your organization.

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