What are partial assets?

If a supported data source has not been crawled, mined, or cataloged via APIs but is present in lineage, Atlan will create partial assets to provide a complete representation of data lineage. For example, if your orchestration pipelines reference any assets as a source or target that are yet to be cataloged in Atlan, these will be represented as partial assets on the lineage graph.

Key characteristics of partial assets:

  • Displayed with a dotted border on the lineage graph.
  • Only available in the visual representation of lineage in Atlan — lineage or pipeline view.
  • You cannot search for, query, or enrich metadata for partial assets.
  • You can view and download impact report for partial assets.
  • Column-level lineage for partial assets is supported.

Supported sources

Atlan currently supports the creation of partial assets for the following tools:

View partial assets

To view partial assets:

  1. From the left menu of any screen, click Assets.
  2. Click an asset to open its asset profile.
  3. From the top left of the asset profile, click the Lineage tab to view lineage or the Pipeline tab for orchestration assets.
  4. A partial asset is represented with a dotted border on the lineage graph. Select a partial asset to view more details.
  5. Hover over the partial asset to view a metadata popover:
    • You can view the following details — asset name and type, connection, database, and schema names, and owner, if assigned.
    • Click the View impact button to view impacted assets.
    • Click the Download impact button to download the lineage report for the asset.
  6. Click the view columns menu to view column assets.
  7. To convert a partial asset into a fully published asset, complete the following steps in any order:

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