Troubleshooting Amazon DynamoDB connectivity

What are the known limitations of the Amazon DynamoDB connector?

Atlan currently does not support cataloging attributes for Amazon DynamoDB tables as native assets in Atlan. Hence, column-level lineage between Amazon DynamoDB as a source and supported data warehouses is currently not supported.

Why are some tables and indexes missing?

  • Check that the IAM user defined for the crawler has been granted the dynamodb:DescribeTable permission on the missing tables.
  • To grant permission on all DynamoDB tables in your selected AWS region, add the following to the IAM policy to Resource in the dynamodb:DescribeTable permission: arn:aws:dynamodb:<region>:<account_id>:table/*
  • Check that the names of the missing tables do not match the table names in the Exclude tables regex filter, if you have specified tables to exclude.

Why are some attributes missing from the table asset profile?

The Attributes section in the table asset profile of an Amazon DynamoDB table lists all the attributes that are either used as a partition key or a sort key in the table itself or its global or local secondary indexes.

For example:

  • The Orders table has a partition key OrderID and a sort key ProductID.
  • This table also has a global secondary index with the partition key CustomerID.
  • Keeping this in mind, the Attributes section in the table asset profile will display the following attributes only:
    • OrderID
    • ProductID
    • CustomerID

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