Troubleshooting Fivetran connectivity

Why is lineage missing?

Remember that the Fivetran Enrichment package only enriches data assets that already exist in Atlan.

Check that the data assets corresponding to Fivetran's sources and destinations already exist in Atlan. For example, that the Salesforce assets have been crawled from Salesforce, Snowflake assets have been crawled from Snowflake, and so on.

🚨 Careful! The fact that a crawler has run (such as Salesforce or Snowflake) does not mean all assets from that source have been crawled. The filtering configuration of the crawler could have omitted assets. Or the credentials configured in the crawler may not have access to all of the assets.

Why is click-through to Fivetran not working?

If you click View in Fivetran in Atlan and you are redirected to the Fivetran homepage, then you may not have the necessary permissions in Fivetran to view the connector. You will need to have at least a Connector Reviewer role or any other role hierarchically above that to view Fivetran connectors.

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