What does Atlan crawl from Fivetran?

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Atlan uses Fivetran APIs to generate lineage between assets that already exist in Atlan. This is particularly useful for creating cross-source lineage between tables and columns.

🚨 Careful! The assets involved in lineage (source and destination tables and columns) must already be crawled by Atlan before running the Fivetran crawler.

Specifically, Atlan will:

  • Create lineage between tables, views, and materialized views.
    • Atlan builds the lineage based on the connectors and destinations in Fivetran pipelines.
    • To do this, Atlan creates Fivetran Process objects to represent these pipelines.
  • Create column-level lineage connecting the columns of those tables.
  • Add a warning announcement to any Fivetran Process objects where the Fivetran pipeline has warnings.

Supported sources and destinations


Atlan's Fivetran integration supports the following sources:


Atlan's Fivetran integration supports the following destinations:

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