What does Atlan crawl from Fivetran?


Atlan uses Fivetran's metadata API to generate lineage associated with Fivetran connectors. This is particularly useful for creating lineage between different tools, such as Salesforce and Snowflake.

🚨 Careful! The assets involved in lineage (tables, columns, objects, fields, and so on) must already be crawled by Atlan before running the Fivetran Enrichment package to enrich them.

Specifically, Atlan will:

  • Create lineage between each data asset in Atlan that is associated with a Fivetran connector. (For example, between Salesforce objects and Snowflake tables.)
    • Atlan creates Fivetran Process objects for each data asset that is replicated.
    • Atlan creates column-level lineage to connect the sources (inputs) and destinations (outputs) of each Process. (For example, between Salesforce fields and Snowflake columns.)
  • Link each Process to its corresponding connector in the Fivetran UI.
  • If a Fivetran connector run generates a warning within Fivetran, you can configure the enrichment package to add a warning announcement to the Process in Atlan. Atlan will add these each time the Fivetran Enrichment package runs, if enabled.
💪 Did you know? Fivetran warnings are intended to help Fivetran users. They can also provide quick insights to data consumers of downstream Fivetran connectors. Their appearance in Atlan does not indicate any issue with Atlan's Fivetran Enrichment package.

Supported sources and destinations


Atlan's Fivetran integration supports the following sources:


Atlan's Fivetran integration supports the following destinations:

💪 Did you know? We welcome feedback — have a burning need for another source or destination? Please let us know!

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