How to find assets by usage

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Data teams often lack clarity on which data assets can be considered trustworthy, whether they are frequently used, the freshness of the data itself, or how critical they are for enrichment and governance.

With Atlan's new usage and popularity metadata, you'll be able to check off all of these boxes! You can now view usage metrics for your assets collected over the last 30 days.

Filter assets by usage

Use the usage filters to filter your assets by usage metadata. For instance, you'll be able to filter assets with zero queries and archive them or find costly assets to better optimize your operations.


To filter your assets by usage metadata:

  1. In the left menu in Atlan, click Assets.
  2. In the Filters menu in Assets, click Usage to expand the list of filters.
  3. Under Usage, click on any one of the filtering options to query by number of queries or users, last queried or updated, or the total compute cost.

Your search results will now be filtered by usage metadata! πŸŽ‰

Sort assets by popularity

πŸ’ͺ Did you know? Atlan currently supports sorting assets by popularity only for Snowflake assets.

Sort your data assets by popularity metadata to view the most or least used tables, views, or columns. For example, sorting your assets by popularity can help you deprecate unused or stale data assets, helping you reduce operational costs for your organization.


To sort your assets by popularity:

  1. In the left menu in Atlan, click Assets.
  2. For Connector on the Assets page, click Snowflake.
  3. Next to the search bar on the Assets page, click the sort icon.
  4. In the sorting menu, click Most popular to view most used assets or Least popular to view least used assets. 

Your assets in the search results will now be sorted by popularity of usage! πŸŽ‰

πŸ’ͺ Did you know? You can also dive deep into the usage metrics for Snowflake tables, views, and columns in Atlan.

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