Troubleshooting bring your own credentials

Once your connection admins have configured bring your own credentials (BYOC) in Atlan, users will need to provide their own credentials before they can query data or preview sample data. On that note, here are a few things to keep in mind:

How do I distinguish between credentials for BYOC and the crawler?

If user credentials are enforced:

  • There will be an admin credential setup for the crawler, which is part of the workflow configuration. 
  • There will also be a separate user credential setup required for each user who wants to query the connection via Insights or view sample data. 
  • The crawler's credentials will be used for the miner as well — such as for reading DDL commands and query history at source.

What credentials do I need for sample data preview?

Whether you need to provide credentials for sample data preview will depend on the connection settings. If default credentials are enabled, you'll be able to view sample data without having to provide your own credentials. If user credentials are enforced, you'll be prompted to provide your credentials for viewing sample data.

Can I use admin or user credentials for both workflow and BYOC setup?

Both types of credentials can be used for configuring a crawler or enabling user credentials, as long as they are valid and have the required permissions.

What type of credentials should be used for the workflow setup?

The credentials used must be associated with an account that has many permissions. However, this can be somewhat limited for certain sources. For instance, if using the account usage method for setting up a Snowflake workflow instead of the information schema method.

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