General FAQs

What kinds of files, such as csv and json, can be uploaded to Atlan?

Atlan just stores metadata; it does not absorb or store your data. Atlan allows you retrieve, update, (and subsequently activate) your metadata by crawling and mapping the assets and attributes from your preferred connections.
We can connect to Glue and publish these assets in Atlan if you upload files to S3 on AWS and catalog them there.

What products do I need for lineage and data governance?

There is one product from us that offers all the features you would have seen on our website. There is built-in support for Lineage.

Do you offer a platform where third-party developers can contribute tools, such as an App Store?

We've introduced a Metadata Marketplace, which is a foundational part of our connector/package ecosystem. Today, we have out-of-the-box connectors to popular data sources/tools. We also have packages that will power active metadata use-cases like these. Our goal is to make this available to the developer community, so they can assist in creating more packages to create sophisticated value streams. For the purpose of developing, maintaining, monitoring, and orchestrating container-native workflows on Kubernetes powered by Argo, we intend to enable a package manager (comparable to npm, pip).

Do you offer any machine learning or artificial intelligence (AI) support for data governance?

Yes, we do. To support your governance and data auditing projects, Atlan can provide you with insightful advice to populate context and metadata as well as assistance with asset classification and labeling.

How do we deploy Atlan- Cloud, On-Premise, as a service?

All of our customers choose the SaaS deployment approach because Atlan is a cloud-first solution. 

SaaS has the advantage that we support and maintain your instance.

What is the availability of Atlan - is the software available 24x7?

Yes, the Atlan software is constantly accessible (24x7). We will notify you in advance if we need downtime or experience an outage for whatever reason.

What is the availability of support for Atlan - is the support available 24x7?

Atlan support has full coverage over business hours throughout the majority of time zones.

Are there special costs at initial implementation/deployment of the software, over and above normal ongoing or other costs?

No additional costs are incurred during implementation. To support user/process transformation within your organization, we do provide an optional Accelerator Package with cultural enablement services.

What kind of responsibilities, and how many individuals, are required to run and maintain Atlan?

This varies depending on your organization's size (10, 100, 1000 users) and structure (data mesh vs. data stewardship model); typically, the application is owned by at least 1 data engineer persona and 1 persona responsible for data governance, data enablement, and information architecture.
You would only be in charge of managing data source integrations because Atlan is deployed as a SaaS.

Is there a trial version of Atlan that I may use to learn more about the program on my own?

There is. Click here to try the Atlan product.



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