What is the difference between the Copy Link button and the Share on Slack button?

Share on Slack

When you use the Share on Slack button:

  • You can handle the full communication from directly within Atlan, without needing to open or change windows to Slack. (You choose the channel and add a message in Atlan.)
  • You are only able to share to public channels your Atlan administrators have pre-configured.
  • You can also optionally have Atlan automatically add a link in Atlan to the conversation in Slack.
  • The message produces a rich embed in Slack, similar to this:


Copy Link

When you use the Copy Link button:

  • You must open Slack and change windows to paste the URL there.
  • You are able to share the link in any channel you want (including DMs).
  • The message does not produce a rich embed in Slack.

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