Standardize documentation with README templates

🤓 Who can do this? You will need to be an admin user in Atlan to create README templates.

READMEs add context to your data assets. README templates simplify and standardize the README documentation process.

Admin users in Atlan can create, curate, and manage the templates from the governance center. Once admin users have created the templates, other users will be able to select these templates and enrich the asset profile of their assets. They will also be able to see a rich preview of each template before adding the relevant documentation.

Define your README templates

Begin by asking what kind of information will be most helpful for the people who work with the data.

A good starting point is going over all the questions that you and your team of metadata curators have received from your organization in the past few months about your data. We recommend checking out the 5W1H framework to help you define your ideal template.

Create your README templates

To create your own README templates, complete the steps in How to create README templates.

Once you have created README templates, you will be able to manage them from the templates manager in the governance center.

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