Troubleshooting exporting large query results

If you'd like to export large query results of more than 100,000 rows, here are a few things to keep in mind:

Is there a compute cost for executing long-running queries?

Long-running queries usually involve scanning a large number of rows, which can result in incurring cost against source compute. This is especially true when the query limit is increased significantly. Once the query limit has been increased, it will be applicable for all users who have access to execute such queries. To avoid incurring a high compute cost, it is recommended that you exercise caution while increasing the query row limit.

What is the maximum time limit for long-running queries?

Atlan will issue a hard stop for queries running longer than 24 hours.

Is there an expiration time for the download URL for results?

The generated download link in your email inbox has an expiry limit of 24 hours.

What is the email attachment limit for CSV files?

Email providers typically set a limit of 25 MB on the attached files. If the file size crosses the limit, please use the download option in the email to download the results.

How long can it take for results to appear in the inbox?

Depending on the file size of the query results, it may take a few minutes for the file to be available for download. If clicking on the download URL displays a file key error in the browser, please check the query status in Atlan at a later time.

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