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At Atlan, we are committed to powering your user experience. Here are a few tips and tricks to help you get the most out of Insights for you and your team!

Export large query results via email

πŸ€“ Who can do this? You will need your Atlan administrator to enable scheduled queries. Once enabled, you need to be a connection admin to increase the query limit to more than 100,000 rows. Atlan currently has an upper limit of 30 million rows. Reach out to your data success manager if you’d like to increase the limit for your organization.

Previously, users could only scan and see query results for up to 100,000 rows by default. To help you scan more rows and export those results, you can now export queries for more than 100,000 rows directly to your email inbox.


To export query results for more than 100,000 rows to your email inbox:

  1. In the query editor in Insights, type a limit for more than 100,000.
    (Note: Be sure to uncheck the Limit to 100 rows box in the query editor.)
  2. Click Run to run the query.
  3. The query results set will only display 100,000 rows. In the yellow bar above the query results set, click Send results via email.
  4. You will need to save the query to get the results via email. In the Save Query dialog box:
    1. Select the relevant Query collection to save your query. If you haven't created one, you will get a prompt to create a query collection during this step. 
    2. For Query name, type a name for your query.
    3. (Optional) Add a description, certification status, and term. 
    4. Click Save Query to receive the query results in your email inbox.
  5. (Optional) To add an announcement to alert others in your team, click Add Announcement

The query results will be delivered to your email inbox in a CSV file! πŸŽ‰

πŸ’ͺ Did you know? Once the query run is successful, you will also be able to download the query results as a CSV file directly in Atlan. If you don’t wish to run the query, you can abort the query at any point. If you have any questions, head over here.

Open asset sidebar from Insights

To get all the context you need before querying an asset, you can open the asset sidebar directly from Insights.


To open the asset sidebar:

  • In the Explorer left panel in Insights, hover over a table and click on the Open sidebar icon. (The name may vary depending on the asset type, such as Open table sidebar for table assets).

You will now be able to view the asset sidebar for the asset you'd like to query! πŸŽ‰

Search and sort query results

Search query results

With the search feature enabled for query results, you can use the search bar to type a search term and filter your results by that specific term. 

To search your query results after running a query:

  1. In the query results set in Insights, click the Search results bar.
  2. In the Search results bar, type your search term, such as Tuesday, to see the query results for that term.

Sort query results

If you'd like to sort your query results, use the sort feature to order your query results. 

To sort your query results after running a query:

  • In the query results set in Insights, click on a column name, such as user id, to sort your results in an ascending or descending order.
πŸ’ͺ Did you know? Atlan currently supports text, number, and Boolean datatypes for sorting query results.

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