How to summarize metadata

πŸ€“ Who can do this? You must be an admin user in Atlan to view the reporting center. If enabled by admins, member users can also view the assets, glossary, Insights, and usage and cost dashboards. Permission to view the governance and automations dashboards is reserved for admin users only.

The reporting center helps you summarize and report on what's happening to your assets in Atlan. You can track metrics for asset enrichment, view metadata updates over time, review your data governance setup, and so much more.

Use the following dashboards in the reporting center to:

  • Assets β€” monitor your assets
  • Glossary β€” track metrics for your glossaries, categories, and terms
  • Governance β€” review your governance setup
  • Insights β€” track metrics for your queries
  • Automations β€” monitor asset enrichment through automation features
  • Usage and cost β€” track asset usage and associated costs

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