How to integrate Jira Data Center

πŸ€“ Who can do this? You will need to be an admin in Atlan to configure the Jira Data Center integration. You will also need inputs and approval from an administrator of your Jira workspace.
🚨 Careful! If your Jira Data Center instance is behind a VPN or firewall, you must add the Atlan IP to your allowlist. Please raise a support ticket from within Atlan, or submit a request. (If you are not using the IP allowlist, you can skip this step.)

To integrate Jira Data Center and Atlan, follow these steps.

Configure an incoming app link in Jira Data Center

You will need to configure an incoming link with an external application β€” in this case, Atlan. This will allow Atlan to access Jira data, which means that Jira will act as the OAuth provider.

Atlan requires the minimum scope of WRITE to create issues in Jira Data Center. However, actual permissions are capped at what the authorizing user can do. For example, if the authorizing user lacks the permission to delete issues or projects, then Atlan will not have the permission to do so even with the WRITE scope.

To configure an incoming link for Atlan, from within Jira Data Center:

  1. Log in to your Jira instance.
  2. Copy the Jira site URL from your browser's address bar and store it in a secure location. If you're viewing the dashboard, the site URL is everything that comes before /secure/Dashboard.jspa.
  3. From the top right of your Jira instance, click the settings icon, and from the dropdown, click Applications.
  4. In the left menu of the Applications page, under Integrations, click Application links.
  5. From the top right of the Application links page, click Create link to create a new application link for Atlan.
  6. In the Create link dialog, enter the following details:
    1. For Application type, click External application to link to an external application using OAuth 2.0.
    2. For Direction, click Incoming to allow Atlan to access data from Jira.
  7. In the corresponding Configure an incoming link page, enter the following details:
    1. For Name, enter a meaningful name for your application β€” for example, Atlan_integration.
    2. Under Application details, for Redirect URL, enter the redirect URL in the following format β€” https://${client-domain}
    3. Under Application permissions, for Permissions, click the dropdown and then click Write. The WRITE scope will allow Atlan to:
      • View projects and issues
      • Create, update, and delete projects and issues
    4. Click Save to save your selections.
  8. From the corresponding Credentials page, click Copy to copy the Client ID and Client secret and store them in a secure location.

Connect Atlan to Jira Data Center

Once you have retrieved the Jira instance URL and client ID and client secret from Jira, you can proceed to connecting Atlan to Jira Data Center.

🚨 Careful! You must have at least one issue already created in Jira before integrating it with Atlan.

To connect Atlan to Jira Data Center, from within Atlan:

  1. From the left menu, click Admin.
  2. Under Workspace, click Integrations.
  3. In the Jira tile, to the right of the Connect button, click the downward arrow and then click Connect with Jira Data Center.
  4. A new Jira Data Center window will open and you'll be asked to install the Atlan app and create an application link in Jira. Click Next to proceed.
  5. In the corresponding Jira Data Center dialog, for Add credentials, enter the following details:
    1. For Instance URL, enter the URL of your Jira instance.
    2. For Client ID, enter the client ID you copied in Jira.
    3. For Client secret, enter the client secret you copied in Jira.
  6. In the OAuth 2.0 Authorization Consent popup, click Allow to complete the connection.
  7. Click the Add to Jira button to install the Atlan app in Jira Data Center.

Install Atlan app in Jira Data Center

Before you can install the Atlan app in Jira Data Center, navigate to the Atlan for Jira Data Center app URL and click Get it now to download the app.

To install the Atlan app, from within Jira Data Center:

  1. Log in to your Jira instance.
  2. Under Administration, from the tabs along the top, click Manage apps.
  3. From the left menu under Atlassian Marketplace, click Manage apps.
  4. From the upper right of the Manage apps page, click Upload app.
  5. In the Upload app dialog, for Upload the .jar or .obr file for a custom or third-party app here., select the app file you downloaded.
  6. Click Upload to complete the installation.
  7. Changes to the apps in your instance will affect Jira search index. After you make changes to the app, you'll get the following message in the Administration view: We recommend that you perform a re-index, as configuration changes were made to SECTION by USER at TIME. If you have other changes to make, complete them first so that you don't perform multiple re-indexes. You will need to perform a full re-index for the integration to succeed, follow the steps in the official Jira documentation to do so.

Configure integration from Atlan to Jira Data Center

To configure the Jira Data Center integration from Atlan, from the Integrations sub-menu:

  1. Expand the Jira tile. (You may need to refresh the page before the following options appear.)
  2. Under the Configurations tab, for Projects, select the Jira project to use as your default project from the dropdown and click Update.
  3. (Optional) At any future time, you can review the Overview tab to see the number of linked issues between Jira Data Center and Atlan.

Atlan is now connected to Jira Data Center! πŸŽ‰

πŸ’ͺ Did you know? The default project is preselected when creating or linking issues to an asset in Atlan. You can change the project while creating or linking issues as needed.

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