What lineage does Atlan extract from Matillion?

Atlan uses Matillion's metadata API to generate lineage associated with Matillion connectors. This is particularly useful for creating lineage between different tools.

Due to limitations in metadata provisioning at source, Atlan currently only supports lineage for data transformations between Snowflake tables as both source and destination. The related Matillion processes neither have asset profiles nor are they discoverable. Atlan recommends upgrading to the latest version of Matillion ETL to allow for enhanced metadata provisioning.

🚨 Careful! The assets involved in lineage (tables, columns, and so on) must already be crawled by Atlan before running the Matillion package to enrich them.

Specifically, Atlan will:

  • Create lineage between each data asset in Atlan that is associated with a Matillion connector. (For example, between Snowflake tables and columns.)
    • Atlan creates Matillion Process objects for each data asset that is replicated. Learn more about processes here.

Supported sources and destinations


Atlan's Matillion integration supports the following sources:


Atlan's Matillion integration supports the following destinations:

💪 Did you know? We welcome feedback — have a burning need for another source or destination? Please let us know!

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