How to access archived assets

To access archived assets in Atlan, complete the following steps.

Archived assets

💪 Did you know? Archived assets still exist in Atlan. They are only "soft-deleted" and do not appear in search results (by default). You can only access archived assets through discovery.

Assets can be archived when:

  • You lose permissions to an asset.
  • Delete your assets either by deleting a connection or configuring it.
  • The asset name is changed.
  • An asset is moved to a different schema or database.

Search for archived assets

To search for archived assets:

  1. From the left menu of any page, click Assets.
  2. Under Filters on the left, expand Properties.
  3. At the bottom of the list of properties, click Is Archived and then Yes.
  4. Now use any additional filters, and the results will include only archived assets.

View details of an archived asset

To view the details of an archived asset:

  1. Search for the asset using the steps above. Narrow down your results using the other filters or search details.
  2. Click the card for the asset you want to view.
  3. Use the right sidebar to view the details of the asset. The icons on the far right of the sidebar allow you to review different aspects of the asset.

Deleted assets

Assets that have been (hard-)deleted no longer exist in Atlan. So you cannot find them by searching, or even access them through a direct link.

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