Troubleshooting Airflow/OpenLineage connectivity

Does Atlan support Spark SQL?

Yes, Atlan supports Spark SQL through Spark jobs.

Are Airflow tags mapped to Atlan tags?

No, Airflow tags are currently not mapped to tags in Atlan.

Can I connect multiple Airflow instances to a single Atlan instance?

Yes. However, you will need to create a separate connection for each Airflow instance you want to connect to Atlan.

Why are some Airflow assets or lineage missing even after the workflow ran successfully?

If OpenLineage has not been configured properly, it may have been unable to send any events while the DAG ran. However, if you have verified that your OpenLineage connection was configured correctly and events are still missing, please reach out to your customer success manager at Atlan or raise a support ticket.

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