What does Atlan crawl from Soda?

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Atlan crawls datasets and then filters out all the datasets without any checks. It then crawls the checks associated with each of the datasets with checks from Soda. These checks are cataloged in Atlan to create a relationship with existing assets using the association information from the dataset.

Once you have crawled Soda, you can use connector-specific filters for quick asset discovery. The following filters are currently supported for Soda assets:

  • Data quality status
  • Check count
  • Scanned date
  • Last synced (in Atlan)

Atlan crawls and maps the following assets and properties from Soda.


Atlan maps checks from Soda to its SodaCheck asset type.

Source property Atlan property
name name
description description
id sodaCheckId
evaluationStatus sodaCheckEvaluationStatus
definition sodaCheckDefinition
incidents sodaCheckIncidentCount
lastCheckRunTime sodaCheckLastScanAt
cloudUrl sourceURL
lastUpdated sourceUpdatedAt
owner.email sourceOwners

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