How to attach a dbt tag

You can update your dbt assets in Atlan with imported dbt tags and manage your tagged assets more effectively.

πŸ’ͺ Did you know? Tag propagation is disabled by default in Atlan. You can enable tag propagation to child and downstream assets.

Tag an asset with a dbt tag

Once you have crawled dbt, you can update your dbt assets with tags synced from dbt.


To tag an asset with a dbt tag:

  1. From the left menu of any screen, click Assets.
  2. For Connector on the Assets page, select dbt.
  3. On the Assets page, click an asset to view the asset details in the sidebar.
  4. Under Tags in the sidebar:
    • If there are no existing tags, click the + sign to attach a new tag.
    • If there are any existing tags, click the pencil icon to edit the tag.
  5. In the popup, the dbt icon indicates tags synced from dbt. Check the boxes to select one or more tags for the asset.
    🚨 Careful! If there are multiple synced tags mapped to an Atlan tag, you will only be able to select one synced dbt tag. You can also only select dbt tags that belong to the same dbt connection as the selected asset.
  6. No propagation is the default setting. Next to your selected tag(s) in the popup, click Edit:
    1. To configure tag propagation, under Propagation:
      • Click Enable propagation to allow propagation of tags to child and downstream assets. 
      • Click No propagation to disallow any propagation of tags.
    2. Click Update to confirm your selections.
  7. Click Save to save the tag(s) to your asset.

Your dbt assets are now tagged with dbt tags! πŸŽ‰

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