How to set up Microsoft Azure Event Hubs

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πŸ€“ Who can do this? You will need your Microsoft Azure Event Hubs administrator to complete these steps β€” you may not have access yourself.

Atlan supports the shared access signature policy method for fetching metadata from Microsoft Azure Event Hubs. This method uses a connection string-primary key to fetch metadata.

Create a shared access signature policy

You will need to create a shared access signature (SAS) policy in Microsoft Azure Event Hubs for authentication in Atlan.

The Manage permission is required for the following:

  • Atlan requires read permissions of the configurations set to event hubs and the event hub namespace. Since Atlan currently only supports SAS policy-based authentication, Manage permission is required to provide this type of access. SAS policies do not support granular access control while Send or Listen permission is insufficient to crawl configuration metadata. Granular permissions will only be available once Atlan supports other authentication methods that allow for the granular access control capabilities of Microsoft Azure.
  • To fetch the Azure Event Hub status attribute and Azure Event Hub consumer group assets through the Azure APIs.

To create a SAS policy for crawling Microsoft Azure Event Hubs:

  1. Log in to the Azure portal.
  2. Open the menu and search for or click Event Hubs.
  3. On the Event Hubs page, click the namespace of your event hub. Copy your Event Hubs Namespace to use for authentication in Atlan.
  4. In the left menu of your event hub namespace, under Settings, click Shared access policies.
  5. On the Shared access policies page, click + Add to add a new SAS policy.
  6. In the Add SAS policy sidebar, enter the following details:
    1. For Policy name, enter a meaningful name β€” for example, Atlan integration policy.
    2. To add the Manage permission to your SAS policy, click Manage.
    3. Click Create to finish setup.
  7. On the Shared access policies page, select the newly created SAS policy.
  8. From the corresponding SAS Policy dialog, under Connection string-primary key, click the clipboard icon to copy the connection string-primary key and store it in a secure location.

You will need your event hub namespace and the connection string-primary key for crawling Microsoft Azure Event Hubs.

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