How to use Atlan AI for data exploration

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πŸ§ͺ Preview feature! This feature is only available to select users for a limited period of time. The purpose of this closed preview is to allow participating users to experiment with the feature and provide valuable feedback. Once released in its final generally-available form, Atlan AI will be a paid addition to your Atlan suite. If you'd like to participate in the closed preview, reach out to your customer success manager for more information.
πŸ€“ Who can do this? Before using Atlan AI, you will need your admin user to enable Atlan AI in your Atlan workspace.

Atlan AI can help you interact with and gain meaningful insights from your data estate. When viewing a table or view asset profile, select an Atlan AI-generated question or ask your own question in natural language from your sample data and save the SQL queries for future use.

Once you have asked your question, Atlan AI will run a SQL query on the selected asset and query the entire dataset β€” and not just the sample data β€” to generate an answer for you.

Ask questions from sample data


To use Atlan AI to ask questions from sample data:

  1. From the left menu of any screen, click Assets.
  2. Click an asset to open its asset profile.
  3. From the asset profile, click the Sample data tab.
  4. To the right of the search bar under Sample data, click the Ask Atlan AI button to ask a question from your sample data.
  5. To ask a question, you can either:
    • Type your own question in the Ask questions about your data field β€” try to be as specific as possible to get the most accurate results.
    • Select a question from the Atlan AI-suggested questions.
  6. Click the send button to ask your question.
  7. Once Atlan AI has generated a result, you can:
    • View the results under the Results tab.
    • Click the SQL tab to view the SQL query for the question.
    • Click the clipboard icon to copy the query.
    • Click Save query to save the query.
    • Click Open in Insights to view or run the query in the Insights query editor.
  8. Next to the question bar, click the X button to return to sample data preview.

You can now ask questions from sample data using Atlan AI! πŸŽ‰

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