How can I set up on-prem databases if we don't use Docker Compose?

I'm trying to config Atlan's metadata-extractor in order to connect our on-prem databases, but I have a problem, we don't use Docker Compose. Do you guys have any other example that uses Kubernetes instead?

Yes! We do have support for metadata-extractor from Kubernetes. It’s easy to deploy and should solve for not having Docker Compose.

You would implement the workaround like this:

kubectl apply -f config-maps.yml
kubectl apply -f job.yml

Then, when you need to run the crawler:

kubectl create job --from=cronjob/atlan-psql-crawler-cron-job crawl-psql-$(date '+%Y-%m-%d-%H-%M-%S')

You will also need to load the jdbc-metadata-extractor-master image to your Kubernetes cluster.

If needed, we can provide a sample config and sample job file to get you started. Simply raise a support ticket requesting the sample files.

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