Troubleshooting Qlik Sense Cloud connectivity

What are the known limitations of the Qlik Sense Cloud connector?

Due to limitations of the Qlik APIs, Atlan does not support lineage in certain situations where Qlik internally uses QlikView Data (QVD) files. QVD files are internal cache or materialized files that a user uploads directly or Qlik auto-generates.

Lineage can be missing in the following scenarios:

  • Data joins or concatenations made in the Data manager within a Qlik App.
  • Calculated fields created in the Data manager within a Qlik App.
  • If data is added to an app using the following pathway: Qlik Home > + Add new button > New analytics app > Create > Files and other sources > select data source > Next button to load data and create the app.

In these situations, the Qlik APIs will only provide the information that a QVD file was consumed by an unspecified app. There is no metadata included for Atlan to infer the data source for the QVD file. Hence, constructing lineage for the upstream table of that QVD file is not possible.

You can also consider upvoting this Qlik community idea for the above metadata enhancement — you may need to register with the Qlik community portal first.

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