Why does tag propagation take time to apply?

When tag propagation is enabled, it automatically triggers a background task in the metastore. This background task is created to reduce the API load and response time. After each background task has been created, the API will simply return a 200 OK response code.

Tag propagation will be completed once the background tasks have been executed — including tag attachment or removal by propagation.

The lifecycle of a background task:

  • When a background task is created for tag propagation, its status changes to PENDING. Multiple tasks may be in the same PENDING state, depending on the number of assets to be propagated.
  • As a task gets picked up, its status changes to IN PROGRESS. As each task is executed, the tag is propagated to an asset.
  • Once the task is completed, its status changes to COMPLETE. As the next task gets picked up, this cycle will be repeated until tag propagation is completed for all the assets.

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