Troubleshooting SSO

Can I change the username of a provisioned user in Atlan?

No, once you have integrated SSO in Atlan, the usernames of provisioned users will be dependent on your SSO provider. For example, if a username has changed due to an automation at source or in the case of a migration from one provider to another, you will not be able to update usernames in Atlan.

Usernames in Atlan are of a permanent nature. Atlan uses usernames as a unique identifier across the platform and does not support making any changes to them. Ensure that your username in the SSO provider matches that in Atlan.

How does group mapping sync affect my current SSO setup?

If your groups in Atlan are mapped to their corresponding groups in the SSO provider, then any changes in group membership at source will be synced to Atlan:

  • For any groups in the SSO provider not mapped to Atlan or vice versa, there will be no changes to your current SSO setup.
  • If a user is part of a mapped group in Atlan but not in the SSO provider, the user will be removed from the mapped group in Atlan.
  • If a user is part of a mapped group in the SSO provider but not in Atlan, the user will be added to the mapped group in Atlan.

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