Supported sources

At Atlan, we have two core philosophies on integrations:

  1. Simple setup with out-of-the-box connectors. In three steps, you'll have your sources connected, with activity logs and automated Slack or Microsoft Teams alerts for easy monitoring.
  2. Extensible through Open APIs. We've built Atlan on an Open API architecture, so every action on Atlan can be driven by APIs. This means you can bring in any data product you want, from any source.

Out-of-the-box connectors

For more information on supported capabilities of Atlan's current integrations, see Connectors and capabilities.

Data sources

NoSQL data sources

Business intelligence tools

Data movement tools

Data quality tools

Event buses

Schema registry

Orchestration tools

Data processing tools

Didn't find a tool in your stack?

You can use Atlan's Open APIs to bring in metadata from any source in the modern data stack. For example:

Data sources

Business intelligence tools

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