How to attach a Snowflake tag

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You can update your Snowflake assets in Atlan with imported Snowflake tags. You can either tag a Snowflake asset or enrich tagged assets with a Snowflake tag. If reverse sync is enabled, then the tag updates will be automatically synced to Snowflake. 

πŸ’ͺ Did you know? Tag propagation is disabled by default in Atlan. You can enable tag propagation to child and downstream assets.

Tag an asset with a Snowflake tag

Once you've crawled Snowflake and imported tags, you can attach or update your Snowflake assets with tags imported from Snowflake.


To tag an asset with a Snowflake tag:

  1. From the left menu of any screen, click Assets.
  2. For Connector on the Assets page, select Snowflake.
  3. On the Assets page, click an asset to view the asset details in the sidebar.
  4. Under Tags in the sidebar:
    • If there are no existing tags, click the + sign to attach a new tag.
    • If there are any existing tags, click the pencil icon to edit the tag.
  5. In the popup, the Snowflake ❄️ icon indicates synced Snowflake tags. Check the boxes to select one or more tags for the asset.
  6. No propagation is the default setting. Next to your selected tag(s) in the popup, click Edit:
    1. To configure the propagation of tags, under Propagation:
      • Click Hierarchy & lineage to allow propagation of tags to the child and downstream assets. 
      • Click Hierarchy only (no lineage) to allow propagation of tags to the child assets only.
      • Click No propagation to disallow any propagation of tags.
    2.  To attach a Snowflake tag, under Snowflake tags:
      1. From the list of synced Snowflake tags, select the relevant tag. 
        🚨 Careful! If there are multiple synced tags mapped to an Atlan tag, you will only be able to select one synced Snowflake tag. You can also only select Snowflake tags that belong to the same Snowflake connection as the selected asset.
      2. (Optional) Once you've selected a synced Snowflake tag, you can either:
        • Click the Select tag value dropdown to attach an allowed value from a predefined list, if available.
        • For Add value, enter a tag value of your choice, if no predefined allowed values are present. Tag values added in Atlan are case-sensitive.
  7. If reverse sync is enabled, any updates made in Atlan will also be synced to Snowflake. If reverse sync is disabled, updates will be restricted to Atlan. Click Update to confirm your selections.
  8. Click Save to save the tags to your asset.

Your Snowflake assets are now tagged with Snowflake tags! πŸŽ‰

Filter assets by Snowflake tags

You can use a variety of filters to refine your asset search β€” including filtering by Snowflake tags and tag values.


To filter Snowflake assets by Snowflake tags:

  1. From the left menu of any screen in Atlan, click Assets.
  2. In the Filters menu on the left, click Tags to expand the menu.
  3. Under Tags, select a synced Snowflake tag to view tagged assets only β€” for example, Departments.
  4. (Optional) To filter by Snowflake tag values, next to the tag name:
    1. Click the rightward arrow to open the tag value menu.
    2. In the Filter by tag value dialog, click the Select tag value dropdown and then select a tag value to filter assets β€” for example, Finance. You can either search by predefined allowed values or tag values.

You can now view assets filtered by Snowflake tags! πŸŽ‰

πŸ’ͺ Did you know? For any questions about managing Snowflake tags in Atlan, head over here.

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