How are product updates deployed?

Atlan follows a standard CI/CD model — continuous integration (CI) and continuous delivery (CD) — for deploying product updates. This includes bug fixes and making improvements regularly. 

To minimize risks and enhance security, each component in Atlan is tracked and released individually. When developers make changes, a series of automated validations are initiated, including building component images, running tests, and verifying that no vulnerabilities have been introduced. Peer reviews further ensure high-quality standards.

Only after the changes have been approved, the new release will go through the following stages:

  1. Staging — for pre-production testing
  2. Beta — for limited user testing
  3. Production — live environment release

Atlan’s engineering team actively reviews any issues with new releases to extract valuable insights and learning opportunities toward offering a better service. Accordingly, Atlan recommends that any connections or integrations you would like to make must be approved by Atlan unless already tested and documented. Note that any unauthorized integration may lead to breakdown of service and impact end user experience.

Significant feature updates are always highlighted within the application. You can also subscribe to our Shipped channel for updates on product rollouts.

View product updates

To view product updates in Atlan:

  1. From the top right of any screen in Atlan, click the gift box icon. 
  2. In the Product Updates sidebar, view the latest product releases. You can also:
    • (Optional) Click Subscribe to subscribe to our our Shipped channel.
    • (Optional) Type a keyword in the search bar to search for specific product releases.

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