Workflow is failing with: Delete percentage is more than 80.0. Exiting.

Atlan has added guardrails to the workflow execution to ensure that assets do not get archived accidentally. A circuit breaker logic is triggered when 80% of existing assets are missing in the current workflow run. This logic aborts the workflow and prevents it from committing any changes.

This situation commonly arises if:

  • Permissions for the Atlan integration user are revoked or updated in the source system.
  • Include/exclude metadata filters in the workflow configuration are modified.
  • Assets are removed from the source system.

In case the mass deletion is intentional, please reach out to Atlan support to disable the circuit breaker. The next run of the workflow will proceed with archiving assets that are not part of the run. However, note that any metadata updates (tags, descriptions, and more) on these assets will be lost.

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