Troubleshooting playbooks

🤓 Who can do this? You will need to be an admin user in Atlan to create playbooks.

Here are a few things to know about setting up playbooks:

What type of infrastructure costs can I expect to incur?

Atlan uses Elasticsearch to run playbooks, so expect infrastructure costs to be minimal and not a determining factor for utilizing playbooks.

What is the maximum number of playbooks that can be run?

We recommend building no more than a maximum of 20 rules per playbook. However, the total number of playbooks that can be run is still to be determined. From a technical standpoint, playbooks leverage the workflow infrastructure, which means there are no hard limits. Depending on the number of playbooks that need to be run, the infrastructure will have to be scaled accordingly. 

Do I also need to have update permissions for playbooks?

Yes. You need to have the permission to update assets in Atlan in order to run playbooks for updating them. If you do not have the permission to update an asset, it will not be updated through playbooks. We are also making enhancements in observability to give users a better understanding of what was updated.

Can I automate requests for updates through playbooks?

No, Atlan currently does not support automating asset update requests through playbooks.

Is there a way to undo updates made through playbooks?

Currently, there is no button to undo asset updates. However, you can modify your existing playbooks. You can either turn off the filters or add new rules to reverse the updates.

Is there a way to view or download a report of updated assets from previous playbook runs?

Currently, no. You can monitor your existing playbooks to view a high-level summary of asset updates from previous playbook runs. Observability of results is on the roadmap.

Can I get email notifications for playbook run successes or failures?

Currently, no. However, you can set up Slack or Microsoft Teams alerts for your playbook runs in Atlan.

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