Troubleshooting dbt connectivity

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Does Atlan support data types for dbt model columns?

Yes, Atlan supports column data types for dbt models:

  • dbt Cloud β€” no additional configuration required
  • dbt Core β€” upload the catalog.json file to extract column data types

Why are columns for dbt models missing?

If you've crawled your dbt models but columns are missing:

  • Ensure that the columns are defined in the columns attribute of the model's .yml definition in the manifest.json file.
  • Check if the dbt model is materializing a table or view asset, without which columns for a dbt model will not show up.

Is dbt source metadata available for materialized columns?

If metadata enrichment is enabled for assets that dbt materializes, only table assets will be updated with the materialized by dbt source or model metadata. Materialized columns are only updated with dbt model metadata β€” dbt source metadata is currently not supported for column assets. 

Can I map the Atlan GitHub action to multiple dbt projects?

Yes, you can configure the Atlan GitHub action for multiple dbt projects. 

Does Atlan support syncing terms from dbt?

Yes, you can update terms from dbt to Atlan. For more details, refer to our developer documentation.

Why are some dbt tests missing?

Atlan does not support crawling dbt tests with an auto-generated unique_id that exceeds the character limit of 32,000 characters. If you want to catalog such dbt tests in Atlan, you will need to define a custom name for your dbt tests within the character limit.

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