What does Atlan crawl from Monte Carlo?

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Atlan crawls and maps the following assets and properties from Monte Carlo.

Once you've crawled Monte Carlo, you can use connector-specific filters for quick asset discovery. The following filters are currently supported for Monte Carlo assets:

  • Monitor status
  • Monitor type
  • Incident count
  • Incident type
  • Incident severity
  • Incident subtype
  • Incident state
  • Incident owner
  • Last synced in Atlan
πŸ’ͺ Did you know? Atlan currently only supports custom monitors as native assets for search and discovery β€” automated monitors are not available. However, Atlan supports crawling incidents for all types of monitors. You can also use the connector-specific filters to search for your Monte Carlo assets as well as assets from other supported sources to which Monte Carlo monitors have been applied β€” for example, Snowflake tables.


Atlan maps custom monitors from Monte Carlo to its MCMonitor asset type.

Source property Atlan property
name name
Audience mcLabels
uuid mcMonitorId
monitorStatus mcMonitorStatus
monitorType mcMonitorType
warehouseName mcMonitorWarehouse
scheduleType mcMonitorScheduleType
namespace mcMonitorNamespace
ruleType mcMonitorRuleType
ruleSql mcMonitorRuleCustomSql
scheduleConfig mcMonitorRuleScheduleConfig
ruleComparisons mcMonitorRuleComparisons
monitorUrl sourceUrl
breachRate mcMonitorBreachRate
scheduleConfig mcMonitorRuleScheduleConfigHumanized
alertCondition mcMonitorAlertCondition


Atlan maps incidents from Monte Carlo to its MCIncident asset type.

Source property Atlan property
name name
tableLinked mcAssetReferences
uuid mcIncidentId
incidentType mcIncidentType
incidentSubTypes mcIncidentSubTypes
severity mcIncidentSeverity
feedback mcIncidentState
warehouse.name mcIncidentWarehouse
incidentOwner sourceOwners
incidentUrl sourceUrl

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