Disabling all assets view

Here are a few things to know about restricting asset visibility:

What will be the default view for users with multiple personas or purposes?

The default view will depend on the alphabetical order of the personas or purposes that the member and guest users belong to. Personas are first sorted alphabetically, and if the user does not belong to any persona, then purposes will be sorted next to determine the default view on the Assets page. 

Can access to glossaries be restricted?

If a member or guest user does not have access to a glossary, category, or term through their personas or purposes, they will not be able to view them on the Assets page. However, the restricted glossary assets will still be visible in the left menu of the Glossary page. For example, a restricted term will be displayed with a lock icon and the term profile will only include the name and description.

Can users view linked assets they do not have access to for announcements?

Member and guest users will be able to view the names of linked assets in the announcements on the homepage. However, if they open the asset profile of a restricted asset, they will encounter a Not found page.

Can users view restricted assets in the impacted assets report in lineage?

The impacted assets report for both lineage and Google Sheets will display the name, description, custom metadata, and tags for the restricted assets. Restrictions on asset visibility currently do not apply to the impacted assets report for either.

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