How to create an AWS Lambda trigger

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To run an AWS Lambda function, complete the following steps.

Select the utility

To select the AWS Lambda trigger utility:

  1. In the top right of any screen, navigate to New and then click New Workflow.
  2. From the filters along the top, click Utility.
  3. From the list of packages, select AWS Lambda Trigger and click on Setup Workflow.

Provide credentials

To enter your AWS credentials:

  1. For Authentication choose the method to authenticate with AWS:
    • For IAM User authentication, enter the AWS Access Key, AWS Secret Key, and Region of AWS to use.
    • For IAM Role authentication, enter the AWS Role ARN and Region of AWS to use.
  2. Click Test Authentication to confirm connectivity to AWS using these details.
  3. When successful, at the bottom of the screen click Next.

Configure the Lambda function

To configure the Lambda function:

  1. Under Function ARN enter the ARN for the Lambda function to call.
  2. (Optional) Under Qualifier enter a specific version of the Lambda function to call. (Or leave this as $LATEST to always run the latest version of the function.)
  3. (Optional) Under Payload enter a minimized (compact) form of any JSON payload to pass to the Lambda function. (Leave this as an empty JSON object {} if you have nothing to pass to the Lambda function.)
  4. Under Invocation Type select how you would like call the Lambda function:
    • Use Synchronously to use synchronous invocation. With this approach, the response body and headers include details about the response, including errors.
    • Use Asynchronously to use asynchronous invocation. With this approach, AWS queues events and they could be skipped or processed more than once.

Run the Lambda function

You can now run the Lambda function.

  • At the bottom of the screen, click Run to run the function once, immediately.
  • Click Schedule & Run to scheduled the function to run hourly, daily, weekly or monthly.

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