What column keys does Atlan crawl?

If the following column keys are defined in the SQL database at source, Atlan will crawl and display them as attributes for your assets:

  • Primary key — uniquely identifies each row in a table.
  • Foreign key — links together two tables.
  • Partition key — determines logical partitions in a table.
  • Sort key — determines the order in which rows are stored in a table.
  • Index key — defines the order for an index in the database.
  • Cluster key — determines the order in which the database is partitioned.
  • Distributed key — determines where data is stored in a database.

View column keys

Navigate to the left menu of any screen in Atlan and click Assets to begin:

From the asset preview

To view column keys in the asset preview:

  • From the Assets page, navigate to the asset preview section. The asset preview for column assets will display available column keys.

From the asset profile

To view column keys in the asset profile:

  1. From the Assets page, right-click a table or a column asset and select Open profile.
  2. Navigate to Column preview to view available column keys.

From the sidebar

To view column keys in the sidebar:

  1. From the Assets page, click a table or a column asset.
  2. In the sidebar to the right, click the Columns tab to view available column keys in the sidebar.

Create foreign key relationships

You can create foreign key relationships through APIs for your column assets in Atlan. You can use the foreignKeyTo and foreignKeyFrom statements to create column references for your foreign keys and maintain the referential integrity of your assets.

Once you have created foreign key relationships, your users will be able to view the column references and better understand the relationships between assets.

Filter assets by column keys

You can filter your asset search results by type-specific property filters, such as column keys for your column assets. 


To filter column assets by column keys:

  1. From the left menu on any screen in Atlan, click Assets.
  2. Under the search bar on the Assets page, click the Column tab to filter for column assets.
  3. In the Filters menu on the left, click the Column filter.
  4. To add a type-specific property filter to refine your search, select a column-type property filter — for example, Primary key.
  5. In the filter dialog, click Yes to view column assets with a primary key or click No to only view column assets without a primary key.

Supported sources

Atlan supports column keys for the following connectors:

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