Troubleshooting Salesforce connectivity

Why does Atlan require an admin user in Salesforce?

Atlan recommends a Salesforce administrator for setting up a connection between Atlan and Salesforce.

Once connected, Atlan will be able to extract all Salesforce objects — including corresponding fields, folders and child folders, as well as dashboards and reports — without having to enable object-level permissions and field-level security (FLS) for each object addition in the profile or permission sets.

Although it is possible to enable these permissions for non-admin users, only admins have the special permissions to oversee all newly added custom objects. This is regardless of which non-admin users created those custom objects or the permissions that were imposed on them.

Does Atlan collect formula fields from Salesforce?

Yes, Atlan collects formula fields from Salesforce. However, if the formula fields are brought into your data warehouse via Fivetran, they will not be reflected in Atlan as assets from your data warehouse. This is because Fivetran does not sync formula fields from Salesforce.

Why do I get an "sObject type 'Organization' is not supported" error message?

To pass the preflight check for organization count, ensure that you've added the Modify All Data permission while setting up Salesforce. This object permission allows the user to access all shared and public folders, regardless of sharing settings.

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