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What/Who is a Source Owner?
Power BI provides information on who generated and configured certain asset kinds (Report, Dataset, and Dataflow) in the Source Owner field. Included links to the API response schema for more information:

Is it related to Power BI Workspace Admins?
No, we don't use workspace admin information to fill that field; instead, it's specific information regarding the item in question.

Do Source Owners need to be current Atlan users?
This value is a string. The user's name is filled in for some other sources, like Looker, because that is what the API produces; the Power BI API only returns the user's email, therefore we fill in the email address.

Which assets is it displayed for?

Power BI Report, Dataset, and Dataflow

Why is it displayed for some assets, but not others?

The API does not return that information for the other assets: Reference Schema

Why do some assets, even those that are connected to the same Power BI workspace and have the same source owner, display a different source owner or none at all?

The createdBy field for the Data Quality report in the Sales Analytics workspace returns null, hence it lacks a source owner.
The createdBy field in the other reports mentioned only has the data that the Power BI API is returning to us.


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