How to query without shared credentials

🤓 Who can do this? You will need to be a connection admin in Atlan to enable bring your own credentials (BYOC) on a specific connection.

Don't want to use a single shared service account to access data?

With bring your own credentials (BYOC), users need to provide their own credentials before they can query data. Each user's permissions in the data store itself are then applied to each query. This is helpful for organizations that have already invested in defining granular controls in their data stores. With BYOC, you can reuse those controls without any extra work!

Atlan currently supports the following connectors for BYOC:

Enable BYOC on a connection

To enable BYOC on a connection:

  1. From the left menu of any screen, click Assets.
  2. From the pills below the search bar at the top of the screen, click Connection.
  3. From the list of results, select the connection for which you want to enable BYOC.
  4. From the sidebar on the right, next to Connection settings, click Edit.
  5. In the Connection settings dialog:
  6. (Optional) Toggle on Enable data policies created at source to apply for querying in Atlan to apply any data policies and user permissions at source to querying data and viewing sample data in Atlan. If toggled on, any existing data policies on the connection in Atlan will be deactivated and creation of new data policies will be disabled.
  7. At the bottom right of the Connection settings dialog, click Update.

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