We are going to be moving our MySQL database MySQL to another server.

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What will happen to all of the metadata we’ve curated in Atlan?

If the tables on your new server contain the same name and the same hierarchy (source > server hostname > database > schema > table), i.e. the same qualifiedName - they will turn up as the same assets on Atlan with all attached metadata intact. e.g. qualifiedName.
It's the qualifiedName that determines asset uniqueness in Atlan (and influences the GUID of the asset). By this logic, any table "recreated" with the same name will be the same asset in Atlan, since qualifiedName will be the same.
In contrast, any table recreated with a new name would be a different asset in Atlan since the qualifiedName would be different. As such, the metadata would no longer be intact/attached.
Furthermore, once the original asset has been dropped and is no longer available at source - this would be soft deleted from Atlan as a part of the crawler's cleanup policy (i.e. deleted from UI but available in Atlas as an asset).

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