Glossary Terms displayed under the Asset Tab

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All users can choose All Assets in the dropdown menu, even those assigned to a single persona.

All users can switch to other personas in the product (including All Assets). While personas help in personalizing the end-user experience, this persona switching experience is meant to enable search and discovery of assets to which the users haven't been given access to. This helps the user learn more about what exists in the data source.

Does All Assets carry a relative meaning depending on who is logged in?

For example, an admin will have access to literally all assets in Atlan, whereas those assigned to a single persona will see All Assets in the context of that persona and users assigned to two or more personas will see All Assets in the context of those personas.

No, All Assets literally mean all assets. The same set of assets is shown to all users irrespective of their role. Of course, what shows up as accessible assets will be different depending on the persona. While you might have full access to all assets, a user in a different persona with limited access will end up seeing assets with the lock symbol in the All Assets view. This indicates that there isn't a metadata policy giving the user complete metadata access to these assets.

Can you restrict an entire Glossary or selected terms from the broader user group? Even if itโ€™d be through Tag + Purpose?

No, we haven't enforced read restrictions on the glossary. The thought behind this is that the glossary is meant to be accessible to all users who want to consume business context. With a glossary policy, you can only enforce edit restrictions on the glossary which will help you ensure that editing any business context/documentation is restricted to the appropriate group of users/stewards.

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