How does Atlan handle archived/deleted assets?

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How does Atlan handle archived/ deleted assets? I’ve noticed a few cases where someone has deleted something to be recreated later, or more often, permissions have changed in a way that prevents the Atlan user from seeing assets when it crawls. We can put those back, of course, but how does Atlan handle that “I saw it, it’s gone, there it is again” scenario?

The assets that Atlan crawls accurately represent what is there in the data source and what is visible to Atlan users.
In the event that a table is dropped or removed, Atlan will also "soft-delete" or archive the asset. The asset would vanish from Atlan if the user's ability to crawl it was disabled.
The object would reappear with all the metadata (including documentation, etc.) intact if permissions were enabled once more.
In Atlan, the asset's "qualifiedName" serves as a distinctive identification.
It is a string that has been concatenated and contains the asset's source, host, and hierarchy.
The related asset in Atlan does not change unless a modification is made that might have an impact on this, such as changing the schema or table name.

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