How to set up a private network link to Databricks

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AWS PrivateLink creates a secure, private connection between services running in AWS. This document describes the steps to set this up between Databricks and Atlan, when you use our Single Tenant SaaS deployment.

πŸ€“ Who can do this? You will need Databricks Support, and probably your Databricks administrator involved β€” you may not have access or the tools to run these tasks.


  • Databricks must be setup on the E2 version of the platform and on the Enterprise pricing tier.
  • Your Databricks workspace must be in an AWS region that supports the E2 version of the platform, and not be the us-west-1 region.
  • Your Databricks workspace must use customer-managed VPC. (Note that you cannot update an existing Databricks-managed VPC to a customer-managed VPC.)

(For all details, see the Databricks documentation.)

Contact your Databricks representative

To set up AWS PrivateLink for Databricks, follow the steps in the Databricks Enable AWS PrivateLink documentation. Start by contacting your Databricks representative.

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